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Sexy Sunday - 'Twelve Doors To Ecstasy' by John Tucker

This Sexy Sunday we're featuring a steamy excerpt from John Tucker's Twelve Doors To Ecstasy! Check it out below. 

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Twelve Doors to Ecstasy is about a sexually naïve woman who is determined to broaden her sexual horizons. When Tryst Sanyon answers an advertisement guaranteeing her that opportunity, she finds herself in the presence of a millionaire voyeur who offers her a lucrative sum to participate in his 'experiment.'  She is spirited away to a four story building with six different colored doors on each floor. Each door hides a different sexual task, fetish, or role-playing situation and Tryst must complete three 'doors' on exh floor to complete her goal. Along the way she finds sexual fulfillment, sexual dilemmas, and a growing danger that will threaten her very freedom.


The massive hunk chuckled and stepped up to Tryst's lower back. He removed the cover by slowly dragging it across her prickling skin. Electricity raced from the affected area and gathered at the nerve endings to her nipples and clit. She twisted her waist and released a soft moan that brimmed with a hint of satisfaction. Tryst heard a muted noise and assumed he armed himself with more of the fragrant oil. She gasped when he placed his warm hands on her ass and squeezed. He alternately gripped and massaged her bottom while she sighed at the sensations that coursed through her fragile psyche.

     “You have a spectacular body,” he rumbled, barely loud enough for her to hear. “And possess one of the more remarkable backsides I’ve seen here.”

     God, I think I’m in love. “If you say so,” she cooed. His remarks made her melt into the pink sheets underneath her. “What’s your name…if you don’t mind?”

     “It’s Trevor,” he said as a furtive hand ran between her ass cheeks. He pressed a gentle finger across her anus, rubbed the bottom of her vagina for just a few tantalizing seconds, and resumed his attentions to her ass. “I’m a full blooded Cherokee Indian.”

     And I’m a hot blooded girl from Virginia. Her green eyes fluttered from his relaxing touch. “You’ve got really big hands. Is it true what they say?”

     His silence distressed her. For a moment, Tryst wondered if it was the opposite. She chewed her inner lip and mentally dismissed her thought. No, if he works here, he’s got to have a big dick. A new fear suddenly pierced her thoughts. What if he fucks me? He’s got to be way bigger than any guy I’ve been with.

     Trevor moved to the head of the table. “Turn over please.”

     Tryst did as commanded, albeit awkwardly. He applied another dollop of oil to his palm, rubbed them together, and put them on her breasts. His warm hands made her hardened nipples explode with pleasure. She groaned when he pressed on her pectorals and used his fingers to frame her tits with a carnal intensity that curled her toes. Curious to see if he was just as stimulated, Tryst checked out Trevor’s shorts. The outline of his cock strained against the silky fabric.

     He’s hung like a fucking horse. After assuring herself that Trevor’s focus was on her breasts, she took another look at his bulge. He’s got to have the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. She sucked in a breath when he moved closer to the table, his covered cock now just inches from her face. Did he see me? Is this an invitation to touch it?

     Trevor moved down to her stomach, pressing her skin with a gentleness that belied his rock hard physique. She stared at his shorts, made out the head of his massive dick tented against it, and wished she had the nerve to reach out and stroke it. Tryst cried out when his attentions turned to her pussy. She moaned in delight as his fingers slid between her silky folds and rubbed the tip of her clit upon their return. The slick oil, combined with her hot juices, made the experience one that sent her eyes to the top of her skull. He reached underneath her, cupped her ass cheeks with one hand, and used the other to invade her vagina. Trevor steadily pumped her with a pair of thick fingers and, little by little, increased his motions until they easily brought her to the precipice of an orgasm. She clenched her toes, welcomed the flood of sensations that swept over her body, and choked out a scream she muted with the side of her fist. Trevor’s soft laugh at her expense thrilled her.

     “You’re welcome to touch my cock, Tryst.” He smiled at her shocked expression. “In this room, in any room here, don’t be afraid to do whatever you want.”

     “Um…I think I will.” She sent out a nervous laugh and pulled down his shorts while he continued to stroke her pussy. Tryst groaned at his manipulations and finally laid her eyes on his rock hard dick. He’s got to be twelve-inches and he hasn’t been circumcised. I’ve always wondered what one looked like. She wrapped a hand around the girth, unable to touch her forefinger to her thumb. Holy shit he’s big.  


A life-long Georgia native, John D. Tucker has burned through three wives, raised two sons, and has persevered despite being brought up in a wonderfully dysfunctional family. Following on the heels of his novels Divisive, The Little Girl You Kiss Goodnight, Romancing the Fox, Terpsichore in Love, The Fifth Game, and The Mark of Cain, he plans to release three more books over the course of the next few months - the erotic fantasy Twelve Doors to Ecstasy (available now), the morally raw Splits in the Skin, and the third book in the "Bemused and Bedeviled Series," The Seventh Seal. He is a proud member of IWW (The Internet Writers Workshop) and Scribeslice, both of which he highly recommends to aspiring authors. 


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