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Sexy Sunday Guest Post by Hazel St. James - The G-Spot and A-Spot

My very first guest blogger, who also happens to be kicking off my new "Sexy Sunday" feature, is the delightful Hazel St. JamesShe is an erotic romance writer who tends to "write about BDSM relationships, though I do delve into some vanilla scenes as well." She's been very generous and helpful to me as a new author, so I am more than happy to have her christen my guest blog feature today.

So...don't believe there's a G-spot? Really don't believe there's an A-Spot? Hazel says otherwise...and those of us who write about it in our stories better be open to the possibility, huh? 

Take notes, kids! smiley Yes

For the adults, tonight’s lovemaking adventure will focus on the G-spot and A-spot orgasms.  What?  There is more than one spot?  Oh yeah honey, there are actually many erogenous spots inside your woman that you should explore, but tonight we will focus on just two.

A woman's G-spot (Grafenberg spot) is located anywhere from 1 to 3 inches inside her vagina, under her pubic bone.  Most men (and women!) say it is easy to find because the area feels different from the rest of the vaginal wall, almost like a lump.  You will know when you find it when she starts to squirm, wiggle and moan loudly.  But if you really want to know if you have found it, you can place your middle finger of your other hand on her perineum (the spot between her v-jay jay and rosette).  When you have found an erogenous spot, the perineum will tighten up quickly. 

Ok, back to g-spot orgasms.  Now that you have found the spot, back and forth stimulation will work just fine to put her over the brink.  Not too hard people!  You don't want to start a fire with friction in there!  Using two fingers, apply light pressure upward, moving in and out to stimulate the area against her pubic bone.  Add, a little tongue action on her clit and you'll have a very happy lady!

Now, on to the A-spot orgasm.  The A-spot (anterior fornix erogenous zone) is a little harder to find, but the results are sooo worth it.  The resulting orgasm is sometimes referred to as a gushing orgasm.  Woman feel like they have to pee when the sensations start.  Not all women can achieve a gushing orgasm.  I myself have not been able to successfully have one, but tonight we are going to follow these instructions and see what happens!  Now remember, these are just suggestions from a friend of mine that can stimulate a gushing orgasm for his partner.  This is not a text book explanation, please do not take it as such!

The A-spot is located further up inside the vagina, above the cervix.  It may be hard to reach since it is so deep.  Place both your pointer and middle finger inside her vagina, and pull back your thumb making a pseudo hitchhiking motion.  Now rotate your hand back and forth from the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions, brushing her clitoris on the way by.  This motion is suppose to bring about the elusive a-spot/gushing orgasm.

Good luck and Happy Orgasms!


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