Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sexy Sunday Guest Post by Tasha Blackstone

Today's Sexy Sunday post is provided by the delightful Tasha Blackstone, a new erotic romance author with Siren Publishing. Please show her some love with your comments and check out her books at the links provided below. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us, Tasha! ♥

The Power of Seduction

The literal definition of seduction reads as 1.The action of seducing someone or 2.A tempting or attractive thing.

As powerful as the written word can be, I find the definition to be lacking. When stating that you were seduced, the implication is that something was so desirable that you lost yourself in the moment and gave over completely. To me, a bowl of triple chocolate chip ice cream is tempting, however, I have never stated with sultry lust that the bowl seduced me and I lost control of myself as the silky texture of the cold concoction slid down my throat, bringing me to a euphoric state of ecstasy. Granted, I will admit that there have been times when chocolate has taken me to a different plane of emotion but it has never rocked my world quite like the act of being seduced.

I picture the act of seduction to go a little something like this:

With my sight disabled by the silken blindfold, he led me through a maze of twists and turns promising with each step that I would not be sorry for allowing him total control. Butterflies danced in my stomach at the anticipation – he’d assured me that he would give me a night I would not soon forget. Considering the growing desire in my gut, I believed him.

As we came to a stop and he slid his hand from mine, I stood alone anxiousness raging within. I wasn’t sure what to expect once the blindfold was removed, but while I waited I savored the heightened state of my other senses. The blend of aromas that swirled in the air overwhelmed me – spiced vanilla, lavender, fresh linens and the subtle presence of my favorite cologne. I could say with certainty that so far he’d gotten everything right.

I started as I felt the gentle caress of his fingers along the bared flesh of my shoulders. Even though he was a working man, his hands were soft as he worked his fingers into my tense muscles.

“Relax,” he whispered, his lips brushing lightly against the exposed length of my neck. He was hoping for my trust and it was my duty to give it to him. I knew he would never hurt me. In all of the years that we had been together he had never treated me with anything other than tenderness and respect. Sometimes I didn’t deserve it. I was not always the best wife. More times than I cared to admit, I had been purposefully difficult. I started arguments out of boredom, threw unfounded accusations around without hesitation, and allowed my own injured self-esteem to control our bedroom activities. Sometimes I wondered why he put up with me.

“Tonight, I want you to have everything you desire.” I felt his fingers slowly release the knot in the blindfold. “Count to twenty before you open your eyes.” As the he dragged the silken material down my cheek, I could feel desire pulse in my core. I envisioned rose petals sprinkled across our king sized bed, candlelight glowing around the room, and my husband standing before me – ready and willing to give me the pleasure he’d promised.

I did as he asked, counting to twenty in my mind, trying not to skip ahead – it was the longest twenty seconds of my life. I opened my eyes, anxious for a night of passion to be laid out before me.
Confusion filled me. I stood in the center of my office. No candlelight, no roses. I turned to see my husband, but found myself alone. My once cluttered office now sat before me spotless, free of distraction and disorganization. On my desk, laid atop the keyboard of my opened laptop, was a note.

"You do so much for me I wanted to show my gratitude. Don’t worry about me or the kids tonight – we’ll fend for ourselves. Take this time and do what you want. Read, write, whatever your heart desires. I love you.”

A single tear fell down my cheek and I wondered how I deserved such an amazing man. Later tonight, I would be sure to thank him in a way he would always remember.

The power of seduction is how you interpret it, but it is a powerful force indeed. What is your fantasy? What act would draw you in, forcing you to surrender yourself fully?

Meet The Author:

Tasha is a new author for Siren Publishing with her first release Elle: An Erotic Faerie Tale published in January of this year and her newest release Waking Beauty published last month. She’s mom to three teenagers who keep her life beyond busy and wife to an amazing husband who is not only her best friend, but her biggest support in everything she does. “There is not a day that goes by that I am not writing something. It’s an obsession that needs to be filled and as time goes on I hope that I will continue to blessed with the ability to have my works be available to the public. I write for my own satisfaction, but I also write to draw readers into new worlds – giving them the ability to be transported from the everyday norm into a place of fantasy where anything can and usually does happen.”

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