Monday, March 4, 2013

Man Candy Monday and Day 4 of Hound Dog Blog Tour!

Welcome to the very first

Now...understanding that it's simply not possible to find a man more beautiful than my beloved Theo Theodoridis...I will still make a gallant effort at seeking out the lesser gods in the universe every week just for you, Lil Lovers! (may my darling forgive me... smiley Drama )

That Triple A...Adrian Allen from Australia! A former carpenter-cum-model. Uh-huh. Yeah, daddy. Besides the obvious yum factor, I purposely chose him because he's out of his 20's. I like me a full grown man. Especially the ones who know how to work with their hands... animated smileys devil 12

(Click the collage to get a better look)

Pretty, huh? I even found a video of him doing a model slate (awkward)...but you get to hear his GLORIOUS accent for a whopping five seconds at least! (Seriously...Australian accents just do. it. for. me.) Check it out:

So what do YOU think?

Also, today's Hound Dog tour stop is at the delightful Book Boyfriend Reviews, where there is an EXCERPT just waiting for your little eyes! Please go check it out and then surf around and give Sandie some love for all her hard work supporting indie authors. Thank you for hosting me today, Sandie! ♥ 

(It's my goal to get one of my guys' names on this banner one day! smiley Wink )

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