Monday, April 8, 2013

Man Candy Monday - Joe Marvullo, Cover Model for 'Wanted'

"Mondays are hard."  smiley Tongue

In celebration of the release of 
Kimberly Knight's 'Wanted,' 
I decided that this week's MCM 
should feature her cover model -
super hot Joe Marvullo!
(an Italian girl's gotta support la famiglia!) 

First, read Joe's inspirational story in
InkSpired Magazine

Then enjoy the view!
Please feel free to show him some love 
with your comments. ♥

(click for a better look)

Mi scusi...can I get a ride?

Suddenly feeling extremely patriotic...

...and have an inexplicable urge to dig out my old cheerleading uniform...


Too sexy for the catwalk...

Hook Up With Joe:

Wishing Joe all the best in his burgeoning modeling career!

Thank you sincerely for stopping by. 
Come back next week for more yummy Monday goodness!

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