Saturday, March 9, 2013

AWESOME Day 9 of Hound Dog Blog Tour...

Well we have an extra special tour day here...TWO amazeballs reviews and an interview! 

First a review by the lovely and generous Kristi Foote Fortenberry at her super cute blog "Reading Is My Time Out"...if what she has to say about Hound Dog doesn't make you want to read it, I'm not sure what will! ↓

"Great job Deliza Rafferty at writing a book that can be read quickly, but contain the story elements of a great novel!" ( ← *le sigh*! Thank you, Kristi! ♥)

Next is a review and interview at Smitten's Bookblog, whose book chat group is one of my favorites on Facebook, and who was supposed to post a few days ago but had horrible technical difficulties and was offline for about three days (booooooooo!). But she's back and put together a lovely feature for me! 

Stop by and give my girls some love! 
Thank you for hosting me today, ladies!

Also, this weekend I will be posting my first book review of Beverley Hollowed's Forever and Always. 
Hope you'll stick with me!

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