If you're an author that would like me to review your work, email me at with a book and/or series blurb and "Review Request" in the subject line. 

If you're simply a big ole book nerd and want to recommend something you've read that you loved, feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments! 


I love to read anything with vibrant character development and a riveting story. If that's what you write, I will consider reading and reviewing it regardless of genre.

However -

~Yes I write erotic romance, but I am extremely picky about what I will read within my own genre. I enjoy reading the yummysweatymonkeylovin' but I'm not too big on really hardcore kink. A little hankypankyspanky is fun but serious torture simply doesn't float my boat.

~Absolutely no rape fantasy, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, snuff or scat.

~I don't love really cerebral scifi, but again if you have a great story and characters (and it's easy enough for a completely right-brained individual who barely passed biology to follow along), it's not a hard no.
 Smiley           ← The SciFi Standard (for me).

~I don't care for Christian fiction, though I doubt I'll be getting many requests to read it anyway. smiley Whistle

To Indie Authors specifically:

I write HONEST reviews. But I'm not out to crush anyone's spirit or leave a trail of dead authors in my wake. If I find I am not enjoying your book, I will stop reading it and email you to let you know that I will not continue with the review, rather than post a hateful one. Just because something isn't my cup of tea doesn't mean it won't be plenty of others'. I will not post less than a "three smooch" review on this blog if you're an indie.

A surefire way to get me to stop reading your book is if it contains a plethora of misspellings, typos, incorrect grammar and punctuation or severe formatting issues. If you're writing from the point of view of someone with a specific dialect or simply doesn't know any better grammatically, that's an exception (a la 'Push' by Sapphire). Otherwise, there's no excuse.

If I take the time to review your book, I will expect you to blitz out the review link to your fans, as I will do on my end. 

If you're down with all that, send me an email! ♥

Rating System:

smiley Kiss smiley Kiss smiley Kiss smiley Kiss smiley Kiss  (5 smooches) = OMG I Want To Marry This Book!

smiley Kiss smiley Kiss smiley Kiss smiley Kiss  (4 smooches) = I Liked It And Recommend It

smiley Kiss smiley Kiss smiley Kiss  (3 smooches) = Good, Worth Reading

smiley Kiss smiley Kiss  (2 smooches) = Needs Some Work (major publishers only)

smiley Kiss  (1 smooch) = Don't Blame Me (major publishers only)

smiley Sick  (puke face) = Don't Quit Your Day Job (major publishers only)

Reading List/Upcoming Reviews

If there's a link on the title, click to read the review. If there isn't, please be patient, it's probably coming (indie authors are given priority - the biggies won't miss them)! I may or may not be reviewing in list order.

Forever and Always - Beverley Hollowed
Lethal Obsession - Shandra Miller
Wreck Me - J.L. Mac
Love In All The Wrong Places - Audrey Harte
No Second Chances - Beverly Hollowed
Take 2 - Linda Bolton
Broken Pieces - Rachel Thompson
The Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins
The Help - Kathryn Stockett
The Color Purple - Alice Walker
50 Shades of Grey Trilogy - E.L. James
The Dark Duet Series - C.J. Roberts

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