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I am a very visual person, so it helps me write if I have certain faces, places...and things  smiley Wink mind while I'm doing it. Doing it...the writing, that is. Ahem. Anyway...I thought readers might enjoy learning a little bit about my process, so here are my muses for The Savannah Rossi Chronicles.

Enjoy the eye candy!


Lovely aspiring model Gina Briones is the star of my show, my Savannah Rossi. To me she is the perfect combination of beauty with a lil bit of "I will fuck. you. up. if I have to." In truth, I've met her in person and the girl's the sweetest of angels!

I'm putting together a new photo shoot with Gina - more pics coming soon! Also, Sav has green eyes which I change for my covers and promos, but I wanted to share Gina as her real beautiful self here. If you would like to hire her for your cover or other modeling work, email me at DelizaRafferty at aol dot com and I will connect you.

Hound Dog - Volume 4  

Greek model Theo Theodoridis is my Jax Taylor. Jax is a very very hot, long-haired guitar player that's a complete son of a bitch - plainly put - and I found out after I chose him for my muse that Mr. Theodoridis is currently serving 18 years in prison for drug trafficking. Now, Mr. Theodoridis made a gargantuan mistake, but from all accounts it appears that as a human being he was no asshole like Jax...but even if he was I'm not sure I'd care. I would NOT kick this actual Greek god out of bed for eating crackers, tell ya what. And considering all I've learned about Theo's tragic story recently...I may have to redeem Jax at some point in the future...

(Δωρεάν Θόδωρος - Free Theosmiley Crush )

"Try" - P!nk (more about the choreography in the video than the words to the song)
"Because of You" - Kelly Clarkson
"Madness" - Muse
"The Kill" - 30 Seconds To Mars
"Love Bites" - Def Leppard
"Barracuda" - Heart (this is probably what the title of this story should be!)
"Fortress Around Your Heart" - Sting
"Russian Roulette" - Rihanna
"Hound Dog" - Big Mama Thornton/Elvis (of course!)


Little Drummer Boy - Volume 3

I didn't have any one specific guy in mind for Jesse Bauer, but more of a type of guy - the "man's man" (but with a pony tail) - Daniel, Gerard, Clive, et al...

All Christmas, all the time!
"Baby, It's Cold Outside" - Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton
"Merry Christmas, Baby" - Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
"Please Come Home For Christmas" - Jon Bon Jovi


Slow Jam - Volume 2 

Ah yes...the oh so very pretty Matt Bomer was my muse for my bass-playing Southern McSteamy, Logan Holloway. So far he seems to be the odds on favorite among readers - and it's no wonder why. *sigh* I bet I could turn 'im. Totes.


"Kissing You" - Des'ree
"Ready For Love" - India Arie
"Sexual Healing" - Marvin Gaye
"To Make You Feel My Love" - Adele (Bob Dylan)
"Is This Love" - Whitesnake
Chopin's Nocturnes

Rock & Roll - Volume 1

I didn't even think to seek out a visual muse for Savannah's "Chosen." But after the fact I stumbled upon the oh-so-delicious Marlon Teixeira and knew he was my Ryan:


"Soul Revolution" - Debby Holiday
"Kashmir" - Led Zeppelin
"Welcome to the Jungle" - Guns & Roses
"Animal" - Def Leppard

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