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I am currently taking submissions for guest bloggers. I don't have a lot of rules about what you may contribute - I am open to just about anything you might feel like sharing, be it erotic in nature or completely otherwise. However, this site is at minimum PG-13 and sometimes R, so just keep that in mind in regard to having your fan base visit.

If you would like to submit specifically for my Sexy Sunday feature, your submission should be sexually explicit, but I will not accept any submissions that include pedophilia, bestiality, rape fantasy, incest, snuff or scat. 

My one rule for ALL guest bloggers/features/tours: I REQUIRE that you share my link to your promotional post with your fan base/social networks. This is not up for negotiation. Bloggers spend hours promoting you for free. The very least you can do is ask your fans to drop by and take a look.  You will not be invited back if this requirement is not met (Best Sellers, that means you, too). Thank you in advance for your professionalism!

Email submission requests to with the subject line "Guest Post Submission."

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