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I am now offering small-scale promotional services to authors! Basically, any one-day blitz you may need help with, I'll take care of it for you. Examples are:

~Cover Reveal
~Release Day Event
~Re-release Event
~Sale Blitz
~Giveaway Blitz
~Buzz Builder Blitz
~Teaser and/or Trailer Debut
~Any Creative Idea You May Have Or We May Come Up With Together!


*All services listed above must be paid in advance (non-negotiable).

*I will take authors of any romance or erotic genre, with the exception of erotica containing pedophilia, bestiality, rape, snuff or scat.

*I guarantee at least 30 blogs and at least 15 individuals participating (low end estimate - my first cover reveal had 62 blogs and 23 individuals signed up; but I am new to this, so I want to only make promises I am sure I can keep right now smiley Wink ). There is no maximum.

*I am very strict about time frames. I prefer to have all your materials A MINIMUM OF ONE MONTH PRIOR to our agreed upon blitz date. Your blitz date will NOT be confirmed until I have your finished materials in my inbox. I will not send out half-assed materials to my bloggers, nor will I do so at the last minute. As a blogger myself, this sort of thing makes me crazy and I won't do it to anyone else. Thanks for being a pro! :-)
(In case of emergency, I may be willing to pick up your event at the last minute but I reserve the right to charge extra for the rush and cannot guarantee my minimum number of participants)


*All services listed above start at $25 and can be mixed and matched as you please for a specially negotiated rate. Read below for predetermined packages.*

Basic Blitz: $25
~Author provides necessary materials one month prior to agreed upon blitz date. At minimum this should include the book cover jpg, a synopsis/blurb, an author jpg and proper author bio, social networking links and buy links (if applicable). Book excerpt optional.
~I send participation invites via SignUp Genius (two week sign up period minimum)
~I put together blitz packet and email it to participants
~I handle all questions and troubleshooting 
~On blitz day I will post to any/all of the following sites applicable:, my Facebook profile, author page and writer/blogger groups of which I'm a member (20+), Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Goodreads       

Gimme Goodies: $40
~Everything in the Basic Blitz Package including a Rafflecopter giveaway, which I will create and manage myself 
~Giveaway window will be a week (seven days) 
~I will draw the winner(s) name(s) and provide them to the author
~Author personally notifies winners and distributes prizes. 

Extra Cheese: $60 (applies primarily to release day events)
~Everything in the Gimme Goodies Package
~Notify bloggers of option to review and distribute ARC to interested participants
~Custom made banner graphic with upcoming blitz date for use on social networks and websites
*Package without Rafflecopter giveaway: $50*

The Works: $75 (applies primarily to release day events)
~Everything in the Extra Cheese Package
~Custom made Facebook cover photo with upcoming blitz date
~Pre-buzz announcements on my Facebook and Twitter twice a week till blitz day

Buzz Builder Blitz: Negotiable (min $25)
You can't just release your book and sit back and wait for the sales to come in. Ain't gonna happen, Nelly. Pre-buzz is key! Want to get your name out there while you're still writing? Or perhaps you're finished and ready to go but there's quite a wait till your cover reveal, release date or blog tour and you want to start building anticipation. I can create a special package of promotional options just for you according to your budget (or even lack thereof). This is a particularly beneficial option for first time authors, but it can be used to promote pretty much anything you want. The sky is the limit here!


Custom Promo Graphics: $15
Add a custom made promo graphic to any of the above packages (will already be negotiated in the rate for Buzz Builder). This can include teasers (featuring a quote from your book), cover placeholder graphics (i.e.: for your Goodreads TBR list - example), FB cover photos, blog tour announcements, book sales announcements, etc. 

*Disclaimer: Keep in mind I am not a graphic artist by trade - my rates are cheap cuz the designs are simple!
More samples available upon request*

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