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Greetings, Lil Lovers, I'm Deliza!   animated smileys love & erotic 11

I love my name...Deliza means "gives pleasure" and Rafferty means "rich and prosperous." How cool is that? I suppose when you're given a name like that, you ought to do something befitting it. So here I am...making an attempt at becoming prosperous by giving pleasure...legally.

I am a new contemporary erotic romance writer (spicier than your traditional romance novels, but no hardcore BDSM) located in Hollywood, CA. I've been writing stories and poems for personal enjoyment since I was little, but I've spent most of my career in the music business. I'm really excited that modern day technology allows me to write what I want to when I want to without a team of people in suits telling me what to do! God bless the internets!

For now I'm focused on supplying "smut crack" to those who love it! It's not just about the yummysweatymonkeylovin', though. I am committed to bringing you vivid characters that you will love (or love to hate!)  and riveting story lines to go along with them. I am currently writing a series of short stories entitled 'The Savannah Rossi Chronicles' that will eventually be followed up with the release of a full length novel. You can find out more about my series and find where to get the stories that have been released so far on the "books" page.

I am always looking for reviews and features on blogs and websites, so if you're interested, please get in touch. I hope you enjoy my "dirty dramas!"

Love and luscious kisses!

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